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As a kid, I never liked going to the dentist. Dr. Painter and his team helped me to get over that fear with their ability to make me feel comfortable and really listen to me. I have recommended friends and family to Dr. Painter, and I will continue to look for opportunities to do it again. I love the sedation dentistry. I am a wimp when it comes to mouth pain; with the sedation, I don’t have to feel anything! I also love their willingness to work with my insurance company and myself for payment. It takes the worry out of going to the dentist! Thanks, Doc and girls for everything.


Dr. Painter and his staff are top-notch. LISTEN!!! I am a dental phob! I cried the whole way to this consultation but immediately felt better when I walked into the office. Kasey and Teresa were very reassuring, kind, and patient. Dr. Painter did not “sugar coat” my diagnosis but was kind and informative. I’m actually feeling confident about the plan of action and having a long bright future with a beautiful smile.


Great experience! Always a calm environment, friendly staff, and Dr. Painter is great at making sure all your questions get answered. I like that they’re on time, too.


I just want to let everyone know how impressed I was with Union Chapel Dentistry. I was looking for a new dentist since moving to the Fort Wayne area. I was driving by and thought I’d look into this place since it was close to my home. The first thing that attracted me was that Dr. Painter is a licensed sedation dentist! I’ve had some bad experiences at different dentists in my past that always comes to mind when I enter any dentist, never a good feeling! My husband & I went in for a consultation, Dr. Painter explained everything in a way we could understand, even had some actual products there so you could see and touch. He really made me feel comfortable in his clean and family-friendly office! The staff were all introduced to my husband & I and they even gave us a tour of the facility, was very impressed. I made an appointment before we left. The day I returned for my procedure everyone was very welcoming, they took me to the room, made me comfortable, even gave me a blanket. I choose to be sedated during my procedure, it was the BEST experience I had ever had at a dentist! I don’t remember a thing! The whole experience was awesome! I definitely have a new dentist, and if anyone else is looking for a dentist that will make you smile again, I would recommend Dr. Painter and his whole staff!


I had a very bad experience as a young child. I refused to visit the dentist. The only time I would go was when there was a problem. The kindness, compassion, and knowledge of the Union Chapel Dentistry Team is one of a kind. I faithfully attend my appointments now. Thank you all for the extra mile you go for chickens like myself!!!


Beautiful people working at UCD! Going to the dentist is not even close to being my favorite thing to do but the staff at UCD make it so much easier. The office is clean, bright and very efficient. Thank you to Dr. Painter and his staff!!!!


Extremely professional staff throughout the office. They were very mindful of my schedule and accommodated me in a timely fashion. I was a new patient at the start of the year (for a cleaning). They discovered an issue, provided options, thus resulting in the opportunity to have a root canal and crown put in. I will be going back….and back….and back. Thanks to all of your staff!


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